Search Engine Optimization Through Chris Interview

Search Engine Optimization Through Chris Interview

search engine optimization strategy
search engine optimization strategy

An interview with Chris Sherman About Search Engine Optimization in 2011

As Executive Editor of Search Engine Land Search Engine Land , Chris Sherman is Extremely knowledgeable About search engine optimization (SEO). He Has Been Involved In Various Forms Of Interactive Technologies For The Past 25 Years, Helping Companies Evaluate Their Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Efforts and Writing About The Newest Developments at Search Engine Companies as Google “Google Algorithm” & Bing & …Etc . As Part Of His Responsibilities at Search Engine Land The Biggest Search Engine Optimization News and Company , and In Tandem With Search Engine Land Editor in chief -Danny Sullivan One Of Search Engine Optimization Team , He Is Instrumental In Creating The Program For The Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Conferences Held around the world. At SMX, According To Its Website (Marketing Land Events), Sullivan and Sherman “Have Covered The Topics, Interviewed The Luminaries and Educated a Generation Of Search Engine Optimization Marketers.”

However, Sherman doesn’t Restrict His Interests To Search Engine Optimization Marketers. He is also a Champion Of Search Engine Optimization Professional Information, Frequently Speaking at Web Search University (Computers in libraries ). It was at the Spring 2011 University Where He Shared His Views With ONLINE as To Why Information Professionals Should Care About Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).

Search Engine Optimization BASICS and  SEO Tips

When I asked Sherman about the Basics of Search Engine Optimization, he responded with a brief history lesson, explaining how SEO has become more sophisticated over the years. “Pre-Google, SEO was pathetically easy,” he says. It relied on putting words in a site’s metadata that led a search engine to think that it contained information that it didn’t. Google originally based its relevance rankings on the notion of quality links. During Google’s first 5 years, to gain high relevance in Google rankings, you concentrated on text-based optimization and having lots of high-quality links. That began to change as “black hat” optimizers moved in. These people try to outsmart Google and fool the Search Engine into thinking that a website is more relevant than it actually is.

Black hat optimizers are a minority, Sherman insists, but a visible minority that is dedicated to exploiting any vulnerabilities they find in Google relevance rankings. Most search engine optimizers are ethical, responsible, “white hat” practitioners.

google search engine optimization
google search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization Grown

Yet even well-known companies can be caught in unethical behavior. Take J.C. Penney, for example. The New York Times printed an article (“The Dirty Little Secrets of Search”? by David Segal, Feb. 12, 2011) that revealed that searches for most consumer products, from dresses to bedding, put J.C. Penney at the top of Google results for months, something particularly critical during the Christmas buying rush. Once Google, largely in the person of Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam unit (, realized this, it took “manual action,” which demoted J.C. Penney’s listings drastically. This placement of J.C. Penney in a virtual penalty box lasted for 90 days. As of May 23, 2011, it is starting to show up in results lists for appropriate topics ( But For Sorry The Mattcutts Days Has Goon Without Return also Search Engine Optimizations In 2017 Get More Complex and a lot Of Google Algorithm Updates ).

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Updates Of Search Engine Optimization Rules

Then there’s the content farm people who take advantage of Google’s emphasis on freshness. They publish hundreds of short articles a day, hoping to stay at the top of Google’s results because of the new updates. Google tweaked its algorithms with the Panda update, hoping to root these out. “Panda affected 100 million sites,”? says Sherman. Given these numbers, it’s clear that manual approaches, such as that used with J.C. Penney, don’t scale. Google will always prefer algorithmic solutions.

Reacting to black hat techniques, Google added, and continues to add, sophisticated algorithms as ( The Latest Google Update Called Fred Update In 2017 It Is Announce Google Update )  and rules to keep its rankings as objectively relevant as possible. Sherman admits that it’s far from perfect. The reason is simple: Google’s own popularity. Google searchers “are not a homogenous crowd.” With billions of searches, it?s simply not possible to satisfy every single searcher. How can Google intuit the intent of each search? It can?t, but its ongoing research into personalization technologies will help .

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